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Why I sold my Apple iPad and bought an ASUS Transformer tablet

When Apple first announced their first ever tablet, the iPad, I wasn’t too interested. Like many people, I laughed it off as a giant iPod Touch with a silly name. A large, expensive touchscreen with no physical keyboard or buttons, running only toy apps designed for an iPod/iPhone, minus the phone capability — sounds pretty useless, right? (Well, we all know how that turned out.) Imagine my surprise when my fiancée’s father had already bought one — with 64GB and 3G, no less — and moreover, he didn’t have a use for it, so they were going to give it to me! I wasn’t sure whether to be excited or tell him he’d wasted his money. After all, I didn’t have any real use for it either, but it would be my first iOS (actually my first Apple) device, and I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

Fast forward 10 months later, and I was starting to find a use for the tablet… in bed. No joke. I kept it on a nightstand unused for weeks at a time (a testament to the great battery life), and only picked it up after an especially tiring day, when I just wanted to lie back and relax. (Why? If I’m awake, I’d be using my real laptop connected to a 23″ monitor at my desk.) I loved the large touch-screen, the light weight, and the long battery life, but it was also frustrating. So much potential, but there was so much that I just couldn’t do.

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