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Kongregate Night-mode script

This is a bookmarklet that sets a dark background colour on Kongregate game pages. The goal of this script is to dim nearly all the elements on the page, so as not to distract the player with bright lights, while keeping the chat box and achievement tabs legible.

The script works on Chrome 23 and IE 9, but doesn’t work at all only partially works in Firefox. The reason is this script relies on the $ and $$ functions that are defined in Kongregate’s javascripts. Apparently, Firefox doesn’t allow bookmarklets to access those. EDIT: This did not work in the “javascript:” URL version, but works in the bookmarklet version. However, still only half of it works in Firefox, because Firefox rejects my modifications to the CSS rules, throwing “Error: SecurityError: The operation is insecure.” This rule modification is required for dynamically inserted elements, like chat messages, to use the dark style. Firefox-compatible version to come later.

Kongregate Nightmode Screenshot

EDIT (Dec. 11, 2012): I updated the script to version 2, which colourizes more elements.

—> Instructions to install the script here <—

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