Ghost House Wallpaper

I was playing some old SNES games on emulator and decided to make a new desktop wallpaper, inspired by the SomethingAwful thread of 2003 (yikes, that was a long time ago). The idea was that, with computer monitors being so high resolution, you could fit a lot more on screen than a Super NES on NTSC TV’s 480 lines, or whatever it was. That is, you could fit an entire game level. However, 8 years ago, I didn’t have an HD 1080p monitor… now I do. Last last weekend, I made a new one:

This wallpaper contains the complete Super Mario World level, Forest of Illusion Ghost House. Stitching together screenshots from the game takes a lot of time. Fortunately, Stefan Mahrla already did most of the mapping work. I rearranged and edited the little things, like replacing labels with original sprites and adding extra space for the taskbar. Notice that even at 1080p resolution, the image is scaled down from the original size of 2816×1584! Click below to download.

Forest Ghost House Wallpaper by zAlbee – 1920×1080 (581 KB)

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