Kongregate Stats and Graphs

Some interesting graphs I conjured up a while back for achievements earned on Kongregate, the popular Flash gaming portal.

Graph 1: Users with X number of badges

The first one is based on user data collected by MrRubix in late August 2011. It shows how many users have collected a certain number of badges. The data is very bottom-heavy, so it’s using a log scale (for amusement, the graph using a standard scale is mostly useless). 744670 users have only 1 badge, while only 23 users have all 1593 badges (the max number at the time). Interestingly, the graph is mostly descending until the end, where there’s a sharp increase.

The next set is generated by my own script:

Graph 2: Earned Points over Time (zAlbee)

Graph 3: Earned Badge Percentage (zAlbee)

Graph 4: zAlbee vs All Badges

These show historical badge counts for a single user (number earned) and for Kongregate (number available). Graphs are generated dynamically, with JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas. (Original forum thread.)

You can access up-to-date graphs here and any Kongregate username can be specified. It normally takes a few seconds to load (the global badge file is ~700 KB) so please wait for it. I delayed posting this, thinking I would update the script to do some clever caching/loading first, but then got lazy, so this is it.

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