Spoiler-free VODs for Eurocup 2012 on TSN

TSN.ca offers free video-on-demand (VOD) replays of full Eurocup matches this year. However, on the same page, they also have links to highlight clips, whose titles are unfortunately shown along with the final scores. So if you were planning to watch a full match, the result has already been spoiled once you visit the page. My brother brought this up, and I came up with the following solution – a user script to hide/remove the scores from the VOD page.

There are two scripts. The first simply removes any numbers from the Highlights row. The second removes the entire Highlights row, including the thumbnails (which could be a spoiler as well). Use whichever you like. The 2nd script is best for maximum protection from spoilers.

How to use these: AFTER the VOD page has already loaded, copy one of the scripts into your web browser’s address bar and hit <Enter>. (You will have to avert your eyes at the beginning to avoid seeing the scores before the script runs. An easy way is to resize the browser to a small size before going to the TSN site.)

Note for Google Chrome users: Chrome has a security measure that won’t let you copy/paste a URL with javascript in it. When you paste, “javascript:” is automatically removed from the beginning and it won’t work. The solution is to manually type “javascript:” in front of the URL. To minimize your typing, I suggest copying the script starting from the second letter, i.e. “avascript: …”, manually typing a “j”, then pasting the rest.

This was tested to work on Google Chrome (v19) and Mozilla Firefox (3.6).

 * Scripts to remove spoilers (scores/results) from TSN video on demand
 * http://www.tsn.ca/window/euro2012/?episode=117716#episode117716
 * Author: zAlbee, 2012-06-13
 * http://zalbee.intricus.net/2012/06/spoiler-free-vods-for-eurocup-2012-on-tsn/

Script 1. Replaces all numbers with X:

javascript:var list=document.querySelectorAll(".playlistitem");
for(var i in list){
  var childs=list[i].childNodes;
  for(var j=0;j<childs.length;j++){
    var ch=childs[j];

Same as above, but on one line:

javascript:var list=document.querySelectorAll(".playlistitem");for(var i in list){var childs=list[i].childNodes;for(var j=0;j<childs.length;j++){var ch=childs[j];if(ch.nodeName=="H3")ch.innerHTML=ch.innerHTML.replace(/[0-9]+/g,'X');}}


Script 2. Removes entire highlights row:


That’s it.

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