Javascript/PHP Hearts
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Enabling popups for this domain

In order for the game to log you out, you need to enable popups.

Netscape 6+ or Mozilla - This browser comes with a popup blocker by default. It is possible to just allow popups for this site and still block everything else.

  1. Under Edit > Preferences, open the Privacy & Security category.
  2. Select Popup Windows
  3. Click "Allowed Sites"
  4. Enter
  5. Click Add. Notice Netscape will automatically truncate this to It doesn't seem capable of allowing only our directory, but this should be okay - the rest of Intricus shouldn't have popups =).
  6. Click OK.

Mozilla Firebird / Phoenix - Like Mozilla, Firebird too will block all popups except for sites you specify.
  1. Under Tools > Options, select Web Features.
  2. Click "Add Site"
  3. Enter
  4. Click OK.

IE New Window Maximizer - Okay, this program is good for one thing only - maximizing everything in sight. It sucks at popup detection and Hearts isn't even affected by it (the logout popup gets maximized, bah).