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IMmerge 1.02 released!

December 11, 2010

This version brings the new and improved CLI (command-line interface)! The CLI now gives you three ways to add folders — the legacy mode from IMmerge 0.66 (insert number of folders), the ability to specify each folder from a command-line argument, and an interactive menu system that will allow you to add, remove, or edit the folders before you merge. The CLI is now equally as powerful as the GUI.

New menu system

If you had difficulty with IMmerge asking too many questions about display names in 1.0, I have fixed the now global option for Resolve Display Names: Automatically. You won’t be able to correct IMmerge’s mistakes, so I suggest you only use it if you really can’t stand all the prompts. You can see how well it is doing in the log, whenever it prints “IMmerge thinks <name xyz> is <user>”. I’ll be working on better intelligence for the next version, a non-trivial task!

Get it from the downloads.


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December 11th, 2010 14:20:43
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