Trillian/ICQ/MSN Instant Messaging Log Merger by zAlbee

$15 off Trillian Astra 4.x Pro

December 4, 2009

Trillian, the multi-protocol instant messenger client that IMmerge was originally written for, is currently selling its 4.0 Pro version for $10 instead of the regular $25. That’s a pretty good deal. For paying, you get new theme colours, a very nice history viewer (from 3.0), access to the Flash-based web client, and other goodies. I can attest that this is a good program, as it has been my main IM client on Windows since 0.74 and I have personally reported >25 bugs (at least 20 fixed) into Astra’s bug tracker :).

$10 for a limited time only!


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December 04th, 2009 19:25:51