Trillian/ICQ/MSN Instant Messaging Log Merger by zAlbee

New Features in IMmerge 1.0

January 11, 2010

Here is a summary of new features to expect in the next major version of IMmerge, 1.0.

Graphical User Interface

The most obvious change from the user’s perspective is the introduction of a GUI at last! No more having to move and rename your log folders, as you can now select folders with your mouse.┬áThis is written in Java Swing and will use native look-and-feel of your OS where available. (I suggest you keep Java up-to-date. Many GUI improvements were made in Java 6.) It is also threaded properly so that if the merge operation errors or hangs (*knocks on wood*), it won’t take down the entire program. A log of IMmerge’s actions will be available like before.

Image of main windowImage of log windowImage of options window

New Command-Line Interfaces


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January 11th, 2010 12:11:25