zAlbee's IMmerge

Trillian/ICQ/MSN Instant Messaging Log Merger

by: zAlbee

Latest Version: 0.66 (Sep 22, 2009) -- Download now (65K).

What it does:

Do you use Trillian on multiple computers to chat? IMmerge can synchronize your IM logs together, in chronological order. It can even merge in certain logs from the original clients (ICQ Pro/2003b, ICQ Lite/5.1, MSN 7.5/Windows Live Messenger). All merged logs come out as Trillian-format.

New in 0.6: Now merges from MSN/Windows Live!

New in 0.65: Please upgrade to 0.65 if you use IMmerge with Trillian Astra!

IMmerge supports:

What it doesn't do:


A basic knowledge of how to use the command-line.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

If you plan to merge ICQ Pro logs:

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