Note: The points here are only from regular badges, and do not include points from referrals, ratings, challenges, quests, mobile, or badges of the day.

2011-09-04: First public release
2012-05-29: Updated DyGraphs to fix display on Android browsers
2012-06-10: Use new caching system to speed up loading by 2x and reduce server load. Update DyGraphs to latest.
2012-08-13: Fixed graphing errors caused by mobile badge data.
2012-08-14: New comparison feature! Compare any two users, by badges or by points. Remove caching layer (requests go straight to Kongregate and are cached locally by your browser).
2012-08-26: Added difficulty breakdown to basic graphs tab.
2012-11-22: Added closest stat in Compare tab. Clearer error message when badge data out of date. Added tab for second user if present.
2015-03-22: Fixed issues with Chrome and IE not working with username. Re-added caching layer for user badges.

Made by: zAlbee
Badge Data: Kongregate badges.json
Graph Library: DyGraphs / Dan Vanderkam

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