my icq skins

To use ICQ skins you need ICQPlus 3.5 (original site | download1 | download2), which supports up to ICQ 2003a Build 3800.

Screenshot (ICQ 2001a)
Toronto Maple Leafs

Author: zAlbee
Created: Nov 2001
Download: (181 KB)

I tried to make this skin as clean and usable as possible - I hate skins that just rely on one picture that happens to also obscure the rest of the interface - so I used a nice misty effect on the backgrounds. My favourite part is the contact list with the colourful leaf icons.... Wish I had done the message windows better though (the gray still bugs me). Who's on the skin? Current players, as of 2001 of course. Cujo and Yuskie on the front, Sundin on message windows, McCabe, Kaberle, and Roberts in the prefs.

Works with ICQ 99, 2000, 2001 (and probably 98 too).

See Readme for more instructions on adjusting the skin for the different versions.

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