warcraft 3

I have... the itis!

We play on Eurobattle.net, which is an unofficial server running on PvPGN. This requires you to add the server (using Battle.net Gateway Editor) and a PvPGN loader (2 files by ACiD - w3l.exe and w3lh.dll) for 1.18. No modification to your game is necessary.

Look for Clan ITIS.

Multi-LAN games over the internet

Gamer's Internet Tunnel - Useful program that allows you to "connect LANs" by forwarding packets over the internet. You can play War3 amongst other games with this. For Warcraft, you need GIT to forward IPv4 UDP port 6112, broadcast packets only. Normally, creating a local network game will send out these packets to the LAN, alerting the LAN users of the game. With GIT, the forwarded packets are received by the remote GIT user(s) over the internet and then redistributed to their respective LAN(s). Once War3 sees the game, it will connect directly to your real IPs (usually) and the rest of the game doesn't require any more packet forwarding. You do need to correctly set up your port forwarding (TCP 6112) in your router, firewall, or NAT if you use one. This applies to any kind of internet sharing (eg. Windows 98se/XP ICS). Each computer on the LAN should have different TCP ports (eg. 6112, 6113...) set in the Warcraft Options.

Theoretically, only one computer per LAN needs to run GIT, and these GIT computers will synchronize the two networks, but you may run into problems with altering your internal IPs to the external IP (GIT only has option to change one), and switches/routers, which don't let you sniff every outgoing packet. This gets more complicated with other games that require more forwarding than just broadcast packets.

hBmWc3LaN 2.4 - Another program that we used before GIT and PvPGN. Easier to use, but only for Warcraft 3 (no other games) and only updated up to 1.09.... Also the packets weren't as nice so you saw duplicate games listed.


If you don't know, DoTA All-Stars (Defense of the Ancients) is a map by Guinsoo. (download)

- Die Firebush Die! - We've killed the firebush several times now. Here is the first time we did it.
- Double Perfect (no deaths and no tower losses) - Done. Replay.
- Manta Styles - One time at band camp... Uh, I mean, this was our hilarious mirror image game.
- Time Record: < 22 mins


Night of The Dead. Died on Wave 15... =(
Screens coming...

Run Panda Run

Fuck yeah.

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