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June 17, 2010

This week, I took a vacation for the first time in 6 months, and coincidentally this will also be my first blog post about IMmerge in 6 months. During some downtime on the plane, I decided to whip out my laptop and figure out what is needed to get IMmerge finished. There’s nothing quite like breaking your daily routine to get you kickstarted on some new (or old) projects!

Interesting stats:

Last sync to IMmerge source code repository: Sun Mar 21 16:30:26 CST 2010
Last IMmerge-related blog post: January 11, 2010

So here is the current status. IMmerge 1.0 uses a new merge engine, so much of the code had to be rewritten; I am satisfied that all old features in 0.66 are working in the new 1.0 engine. Next, I will release a public beta of IMmerge 1.0, which will include the GUI, and Trillian LOG-XML interconversion, but no other new features. Before I release this, the following issues must be fixed:

  • TrLogReader: multiple blank lines are collapsed into one
  • TrLogReader: fails to parse message timestamp containing seconds

The following feature needs to be implemented:

  • TrLogReader: does not distinguish between incoming/outgoing messages yet

The first 2 issues can be fixed quickly, while the 3rd (feature) will take some time. Note that all the issues deal with TrLogReader parsing, which is only used when a session in Trillian .LOG needs to be converted into some other format (currently only XML possible)

Question: Would you rather wait until the incoming/outgoing feature is finished, or is it acceptable to skip it for the first beta?

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June 17th, 2010 23:08:55

June 18, 2010

Skip it for the first beta 😛

June 26, 2010

Hello there, found your nice Programm today, its perfect to merge my Logs between my Notebook and desktop PC.
I would prefer you to just push that Beta including the GUI. Command Line Programs are fine, but a GUI-One would be near to perfect.

Could you be so kind to write a short mail if you releas a new build?

Thanks in advance!

June 27, 2010

@Dominik: Try the RSS for notifications. I just fixed it :).

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