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October 31, 2009

IMmerge is a program that I wrote in my spare time — a small command-line utility for merging IM logs (mainly¬†Trillian). This could have easily been a throw-away program to forget about (the source code for the currently released version is shamefully unmodular!), but over the years I have maintained, supported, and added features to it. Unfortunately, I had left the website in this simplistic state.

It is time to update the website, which has been decidedly Web 1.0 for too long now. I still believe that having static webpages is the best way to provide information to new users, and I will continue to support this. However, the user input available through blogs and forums is too valuable to continue missing out on. So here we go — a blog to provide news and updates on ongoing development, and hopefully gain some user insight.


–Albert Choi (zAlbee)
Program Author

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October 31st, 2009 03:46:11